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Top 10 places to visit in Europe



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Planning a tour to Europe and confused where to go? No worries as we are here with a list of best places to visit in Europe.

There are some places to visit in Europe are:-

1) Rome, Italy

The entire city of Rome is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourist finds something magical about this city and refers it to the Eternal city. Italian food lovers can enjoy the splendid Italian fare and the food like Roman artichokes and spaghetti alla carbonara were invented in Rome. Many of the famous works of Michelangelo are in Rome like one of his works can be seen in Saint Peter’s Basilica. Climate is also one of the main reasons to visit this place as you will enjoy pretty mild climate there.

Rome, Italy

2) Porto, Portugal

The charming city is famous for its history, culture, Medieval architecture, discoveries, trade and port wine lodges. Foodies can enjoy classics like cozido and Francesinha sandwich or can visit the Mercado do Bolhao food market. Visitors there can have a helicopter view of Porto’s architecture, take a cruise on River Douro in Cais da Ribeira, and enjoy the magnificent art at Serralves Museum.

Porto, Portugal

3) Paris, France

The French Capital is famous for its cuisine, art, food ( it has 70 Michelin-starred restaurants), wine, ambience and much more. Apart from the Eiffel tower, tourist can see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum, which is the world’s largest art museum and is located on the Right Bank of the Seine. Disneyland Paris, one of the happening palaces, is a theme park which has plenty rides shows, costumed characters and much more.

 Paris, France

4) Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a favorite destination, especially for European travelers. Amusement parks and a top-notch zoo can be a great attraction for kids. Jazz music can be enjoyed at one of the best Europe’s club namely Porgy & Bess for the classical music of the composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is showcased on many stages.


5) London, United Kingdom

There is so much to discover in London that it is not easy to write it down. Tower of London and Buckingham Palace are the two major places which come to our mind but actually, it is much more than this. You can explore London on Hop on Hop off the bus, discover stories from Queen Victoria’s life at Kensington Palace, view the city from above on the London Eye etc.

London, United Kingdom

6) Prague, Czech Republic

This tourist destination is at the top of many tourist bucket list as it is stunning, magical and affordable at the same price. Old Town, chock-full of elaborate towering buildings, can be explored by walking around its narrow and cobbled streets.  In the Old Town Square, tourist can see the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Church of our Lady before Tyn and the Old Town Hall.

Czech Republic

7) Madrid, Spain

It is the financial and cultural hub of Spain as it holds major population. Mouthwatering Spanish food at Meson Cinco Jotas, rocking nightlife at Areia or Eccola, and lively fiestas can be enjoyed at the affordable price as compared to Paris and London. You should always visit the Madrid’s home football stadium named Bernabeu stadium which has a current capacity of 85,454 spectators.


8) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Biker’s city is the most popular destination in Europe and is famous for its education, 40 museums, entertainment venues and historic homes. You will find the most famous Dutch food and coffee shops here.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

9) Athens, Greece

The sprawling city is famous for its art galleries, archaeological ruins, nightlife, and sports. Top attractions here can be Mount Lycabettus (for the panoramic view of Athens), Plaka District (village looks like an island in the city), National Archaeological Museum(for art lovers), Syntagma Square and The National Garden.


10) Basel, Switzerland

This is a cosmopolitan city in the heart of Europe and lies at the meeting point of France, Germany, and Switzerland. The city is a home to the world’s most contemporary art fair known as Art Basel.


Other places like Barcelona in Spain, Wild Taiga in Finland, Venice, and Florence in Italy, Moscow in Russia, Istanbul in Turkey, Seville in Spain, Berlin in Germany, Zadar in Croatia and Brussels in Belgium are also categorized as the best destinations in Europe.

This 10 place to visit in Europe. Which everyone must go and have memories.


Interesting facts about Eiffel Tower Paris



facts about Eiffel Tower
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The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower is named after its main designer; the French metallic structure expert and engineer, Gustave Eiffel.

Eiffel had previously designed multiple metallic structures such as several railway bridges and the armature for another world known monument, the statue of Liberty. This time he had his eyes on construction a metallic structure in the shape of a tower.

It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.

facts about Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 Paris Exposition and was not intended to be permanent. It was going to be demolished in 1909 but was saved because it was repurposed as a radio antenna.

facts about Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world: 6.98 million people in 2011. Eiffel tower is without a doubt one of the most famous buildings in the world. If you plan to visit it, you won’t be the only one to see the tower, as it is the most visited paid monument in the world.

An estimate of over 200 million people has seen the tower, on-site, since its construction in 1889. Visiting Paris, but not the Eiffel Tower, is no visit at all. facts about Eiffel Tower

During WW2, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut lift cables of the Tower.

The Eiffel Tower also experienced the German occupation of Paris during the Second World War. During the occupation, the lift cables inside the tower were cut by the French.

This to make sure Hitler had to take the 1665 stepped stairs if he wanted to scale the top since the proper parts to repairs the lift were impossible to obtain during the war. When visiting Paris, Hitler remained on the ground.

Thus it’s said Hitler conquered France, but he did not conquer the Eiffel tower. At the liberation of Paris in 1944, the Eiffel tower became of symbol of liberty when a French flag, made of three-bed sheets sawn together, was raised on the top of the tower.

facts about Eiffel Tower

Con artist Victor Lustig “sold” the Eiffel Tower to a scrap metal dealer. The Eiffel Tower was originally intended for Barcelona, Spain, but the project was rejected.

The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building, and the tallest structure in Paris. Its base is square, measuring 125 metres (410 ft) on each side.

Due to the addition of a broadcasting aerial at the top of the tower in 1957, it is now taller than the Chrysler Building by 5.2 metres (17 ft).

Excluding transmitters, the Eiffel Tower is the second-tallest structure in France after the Millau Viaduct. The tower has three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second levels.

The top level’s upper platform is 276 m (906 ft) above the ground. The highest observation deck accessible to the public in the European Union.

Tickets can be purchased to ascend by stairs or lift (elevator) to the first and second levels. The climb from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps.

Although there is a staircase to the top level, it is usually accessible only by lift.

facts about Eiffel Tower

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These 5 new features to Google Maps are coming soon…



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Google Maps can be known as the search giant’s greatest success stories. With over a billion users globally, the platform is constantly increasing and is being examined with some features. Although listing all of them is not yet possible, Android seems to have uncovered some of them in an apk teardown of the Google Maps version 9.71 beta. It is not for sure if all these features will be coming to your devices. However, there is a possibility.


There are few features are listed as below-
  • ‘Screenshot’ button replaced ‘Share button’.– In the apk app teardown, the report discovered Google Maps to change a location’s ‘Share’ button with a ‘Screenshot’ button. It has also begun showing up for some customers. It is not for sure if the feature will execute the same function or not. However, the purpose of it could be similar.
  • Battery status is shown during location sharing. – It has been also found that while giving your location with someone, Google Maps will also display your device battery status to the other member so they know what time will you stay in contact.
  • Shortcuts to favourite destinations. – In addition to the above-mentioned features, Google Maps may soon let you set shortcuts or recommended routes to a station. These may be noticeable to other individuals using the same metro station as well.
google map on phone

  • Arrival Notification.– While Google Maps already had the alternative to tell navigation routes through notifications, the update could also give customers the notice, reminding them of their arrival and actual time.
  • Trips sharing with others.– Finally, the app’s apk teardown shows it to include a feature wherein users can talk about their trips. If you are on your way to a location or have reached already.

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Dubai, on its never-ending search to break records, declared the opening of the ‘world’s new tallest hotel’ today, pipping another towering milestone in the town for the highlights.

The shimmering gold 75-storey Gevora Hotel appears 356 meters, or nearly a quarter of a mile, tall. The new record-holder is just a few minutes walk from its predecessor, Dubai’s JW Mariott Marquis, which is piped by just one meter. The Gevora’s first guests are expected on Monday, according to Emirati daily The National.

Gevora will have 528 guest rooms and suites, out of which 232 are Deluxe Rooms, 265 are one-bedroom deluxe and 31 are two-bedroom suites. The smallest room is a huge 43 square meters. The eye-watering room costs give visitors access to one of the hotel’s four state-of-the-art health clubs – and two luxury restaurants. Visitors enter the hotel through gold-plated revolving doors. The decor and ambiance of the hotel makes it more luxurious.

Dubai also has the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which pierces the town skyline at 828 meters high. The hotel boasts a rooftop pool bar – 356m in the air, which is within view of the Burj Khalifa. Guests can enjoy magnificent views of the desert city Dubai. Other features include pool, jacuzzi, health club as well as a luxury spa and has five restaurants offering international and local cuisines. The hotel has six elevators which move at the speed of 26 km/hour and has a total of 3,859 stairs.

The hotel is three times taller than London’s Big Ben, 100 meters shorter than Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers and 56 meters bigger than Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

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