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Best travel apps: All you need is the right apps installed



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The first thing which comes to our mind while planning a trip is to look for the travel agent, which can be a pain. But you actually don’t need an agent if you have a smartphone with you. Nowadays, phones have become valuable companions and provide all the helpful information even in the unfamiliar environment. All you need is the right apps installed, which can be confusing because of the hundreds of apps present in the google play store or iOS app store. To avoid this confusion, we have explored all the apps and are here with the most helpful ones. Let us have a look at those in brief.


You can now even book the hotels you dreamed about through this app as Airbnb offers you the facility to book even the luxurious hotels at cheaper prices.


airbnb app


This app has made easy to explore the major cities around the world even if you are traveling for the first time in that country. As the name suggests, Citymapper provides you with the map having the route of the particular location you wish to travel by any means of transport.


Travellers looking for the cheap international or domestic flights can get a perfect deal on booking the flight through Skyscanner.



With Kayak, you can do almost all the necessary things you require while planning a vacation. Starting from booking a rental car, compare deals on flights, booking cheap accommodations, knowing your flight status and managing your itinerary, you can do everything from Kayak’s app.

Google Maps

This is one of the best navigation apps as you can trade anywhere in the world without worrying about the route. The app provides you with the map of the city you wish to travel and you can easily know about the places around your hotel, how far are those places from your hotel, how much time will it take to travel, timings for visiting those places, etc.

Hotel Tonight

The app provides you a reliable service of booking hotel at last minute. Whether it is due to flight delay or due to bad weather, Hotel Tonight gives you a chance to book last minute hotel rooms at discounted prices because of the other users who have canceled their booking in that hotel.

Google Translate

Language can never be an issue with this app as it provides the facility to change one language to another. Words, sentences or short phrases, anything can be converted from one language to another by simply either dictating or typing your message.


Weather can be a major reason for spoiling a beach trip or outdoor excursions and therefore knowing the weather in advance can be helpful sometimes. Accuweather provides you the weather forecasts services through which you will be able to know minute by minute when the rain starts and stops.


The app provides you with the checklist of the travel essentials while planning a trip.


Travelling for the first time and confused about the places to visit there? Don’t worry as with TripAdvisor, you can have knowledge of anything related to your trip to restaurants, nearby places, bars etc. Based on the reviews and photos, you can make a fair judgment on which restaurant to sit, which hotel to book etc.


The app has become very popular in the last couple of years because of its ease of use and numerous features. Through this app, you can stay in touch with anyone across the world.


The app can be very useful for the business travelers as it will help you in keeping a track of all your expenses. You can create a report of the expenses you did during your trip and can even add photos of the receipt so that after returning, you can show all your expenses with the receipt to your supervisors from reimbursements.

XE Currency

The app can greatly help you when you need yourself in need of prices and exchange rates abroad. No matter where you are, XE currency app will provide you latest exchange rates and will also store your recent searches so that you can have a look at it even if you are offline.

Travelling with these apps can be greatly helpful and you can easily download these on both Android or iOS according to your requirements.

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Protect your skin in summer this tip will help you – Tangy Feed



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How to protect your skin in summer?

sun tanned

sun tan

Here are expert tips to keep you sun-savvy and protected.

Becoming smart about your sun protection is sometimes the difference between getting burned or not. Your skin needs a protection from the sun in summers or protect your skin in summer.

Here are the key ways to protect and care for your summer skin.

1. Smart prevention.

Everyone use sunscreen to prevent sun damage, premature ageing, skin cancer and sunburn.

The best way to select a sunscreen is to look for the keywords broad spectrum, UVA, and UVB protection.

Sunscreens like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer with SPF 30 Broad Spectrum and Aveeno Protect + Hydrate; Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 all get the job done.

2. Effective application.

Most people only apply 25-50 per cent of the amount of sunscreen they should.

Dermatologists say the amount you need is roughly one-ounce, or enough to fill a shot glass, of course, this could vary depending on your body size.

Applying a quarter-sized amount of sunscreen evenly across all areas of your face, ears and neck.

They cover the centre of the face, but not the periphery.

So you see burns on the sides of the face, along with the hairline, and that’s actually where you end up seeing a lot of skin cancer.

3. Be sun smart.

Prevent burning by knowing how to get sun in the right way and the right time.

For the best possible protection avoid mid-day sun from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., wearing a hat and sunglasses and seeking shade when you can.

And also, reapplying sunscreen every two hours is the key and as you probably know, you will need to apply more often if you swim or sweat it off.

4. If you get burned, stay away from the sun.

 Also avoid putting ice on your burn, as it can worsen it.

Rather, take a cold shower and if required take an oral anti-inflammatory or pain reliever.

For topical pain treatment, an over-the-counter cortisone cream.

And for pesky peeling skin, a healing moisturizing cream.

These are some tips which will help you to protect your skin in summer. 

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What Makes A Healthy Relationship?



Healthy Relationship
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Everyone’s relationship is special and people come together for several reasons. But there are some elements that good relationships have in common. Being aware of the basic principles of healthy relationships helps keep them meaningful, enjoyable and stimulating.


Communication is the key. It is one of the most essential qualities of a healthy relationship. Even so, not everyone knows how to communicate properly or even communicate at all. Happy and healthy Relationship? express their love for one another, saying “I love you” frequently and giving compliments. They also discuss the negative rather of sweeping problems under the rug. Lack of effort and communication increases distance, when you need to talk about something important, the understanding may no longer be there.

Healthy Relationship

Don’t be scared of Conflict.

Some couples talk things out quietly, while others may increase their voices and passionately disagree. You need to be safe to convey issues that trouble you without fear of revenge and be able to resolve conflict without embarrassment, or insisting on being right.  When both people feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears, and desires, trust and bonds are strengthened.

It’s all about Quality over Quantity.

It does not make a difference how much you and your partner spend time together. The most significant aspect is about the quality of this time.  There is a huge difference between having dinner at a table while talking about your day at work, versus having dinner while sitting on a couch and not talking.  It is crucial to make sure you two are still engaging and spending quality time together to maintain a deep connection.

Healthy Relationship

Maintaining outside relationships and Interests Alive.

Regardless, the claims of romantic fiction or movies, no one person can meet all of your needs. The truth is, expecting too much from your partner can put unhealthy pressure on the relationship. To stimulate and enhance your romantic relationship, it is crucial to preserve connections with family and friends and maintain hobbies and interests outside of the relationship as well.

Healthy Relationship

Be Thankful for your partner.

Reports on appreciation in relationships reveal that expressing gratitude to your partner expresses an increase in your relationship satisfaction. The appreciation you feel within also predicts your partner’s level of satisfaction. Feeling loved by your partner appears to increase how much you appreciate him or her in return, that favourably influences how much you feel committed to the relationship and want to do things to meet your partner’s needs.


Healthy Relationship

Now you can also have a Healthy Relationship with your partner.

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Easy Tips on How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed?



Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed
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Getting hurry all the time drains your energy. Having caught up in things beyond your less stressed you out. If you like to reduce stress and become relaxed and More Patient, peaceful, set the following 8 steps into practice to be more patient. Let’s be tension free every time and let’s enjoy your entire life.

8 Easy Tips on How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed?

1. Let go   

Stress out about the circumstances you are in will not do any good simply because you are already in it, so just let it go.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

2. Breathe until you stress-free.

 Next time you are faced with a stress-filled situation that makes you want to be quick, stop what you are doing for one minute and perform these steps:

  • Take five deep breaths in and out.
  • Imagine all that stress leaving your body with each exhale.
  • Smile. Fake it if you have to.
  • Feel free to do it again the above steps every few hours at work or home if you need to.

    Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

3. Loosen up   

Carry out a rapid body scan to identify any areas that are tight or tense. Gently touch or massage any of your body parts that are under tension to encourage total relaxation.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

4. Chew slowly  

Slow down at the dining table if you want to learn to be patient and lose weight. Shovelling your meal down as fast as you can is a sure way to eat more than you need to. Be a conscious eater who pays attention to the taste, texture and aroma of every dish. Chewing slowly will also reduce those severe late-night cravings that sneak up on you after work.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

5. Enjoy the journey

Concentrating on the end result can quickly become stressful. Chasing an amazing, bold goal that is going to demand a lot of time and patience? Divide it into several mini-goals so you will have several reasons for celebration. Giving yourself consistent positive feedback will help you stay encouraged and uncover more joy in the process of achieving your goals.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

6. Look at the big picture

So when you find your stress level hitting the roof, take a deep breath, and ask yourself:
Will this matter to me… Next week? Month? Year? In 10 years?
No, it will not. I bet most of the things that stress you would not matter the next week or maybe not even the next day. Stop uncomfortable over things you can not control, since you are only hurting yourself.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

7. Stop demanding perfection of yourself

You are not perfect and that is okay. Demanding perfection in yourself or anyone else will only stress you out.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

8. Practice patience every day

Listed below are a few simple methods you can practice every day, increasing your capability to remain relaxed and calm:
So when you go to the shopping store, get in the longest line.
Rather going through the drive-thru at your bank, go inside.
Take a long walk through a quiet park or path.

Easy Tips On How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed

These 8 Easy Tips on How To Be More Patient And Less Stressed?

Another Article on easy ways handle stress. This Article will make you to handle your stress.

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