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These 5 new features to Google Maps are coming soon…



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Google Maps can be known as the search giant’s greatest success stories. With over a billion users globally, the platform is constantly increasing and is being examined with some features. Although listing all of them is not yet possible, Android seems to have uncovered some of them in an apk teardown of the Google Maps version 9.71 beta. It is not for sure if all these features will be coming to your devices. However, there is a possibility.


There are few features are listed as below-
  • ‘Screenshot’ button replaced ‘Share button’.– In the apk app teardown, the report discovered Google Maps to change a location’s ‘Share’ button with a ‘Screenshot’ button. It has also begun showing up for some customers. It is not for sure if the feature will execute the same function or not. However, the purpose of it could be similar.
  • Battery status is shown during location sharing. – It has been also found that while giving your location with someone, Google Maps will also display your device battery status to the other member so they know what time will you stay in contact.
  • Shortcuts to favourite destinations. – In addition to the above-mentioned features, Google Maps may soon let you set shortcuts or recommended routes to a station. These may be noticeable to other individuals using the same metro station as well.
google map on phone

  • Arrival Notification.– While Google Maps already had the alternative to tell navigation routes through notifications, the update could also give customers the notice, reminding them of their arrival and actual time.
  • Trips sharing with others.– Finally, the app’s apk teardown shows it to include a feature wherein users can talk about their trips. If you are on your way to a location or have reached already.

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# We, the Sandwich Generation

Good Health is the foundation of Beauty




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                Good Health is the foundation of Beauty

Young and Pretty Face

How to look 10 years Younger ?

The First thing that people see when they meet you is your face. And yet,this delicate part of the anatomy is often the most neglected by the keep fit addicts.

It’s best to “excercise the skin in strict privacy”—–so try these exercises i the privacy of bath or during a lovely household stint.


Press the nose down and push (try to move) upwards.Press the chin and the nose together and push up .Then close your eyes,turn them round in a circle,then open up as wide as you can.

Curl your tongue up and press it hard against the roof of your mouth.This is good for tightening the muscles of the throat.


To make your cheeks firm,draw the mouth slowly to the left as far as possible,hold the position for a few seconds,then draw the mouth slowly to right.Hold there for a few seconds ,then

repeat the whole exercise.

Sapna Massi

#the sandwich generation

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Do You Have A Good EYESIGHT?



Good eyesight
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Sight is important for moving and carrying out most actions, but what does having ‘good eyesight’ actually mean? Is it simply a matter of effectively seeing what is around us as we perceive it through light, or is the process much more complex?

Good eyesight

What is the Sight?

Like the other senses, sight consists of the perception of an outside stimulus- in this case, electromagnetic waves and the brain’s interpretation of what has been thought of. Being able to see doesn’t mean just seeing the ambient light, but also- and perhaps most significantly- recognizing objects and movements.

Optical illusions, which could be referred to as errors in interpretation, provide tangible evidence of the role the brain plays in producing sight.

Powers of observation

Good eyesight

Visual acuity is essential, but it’s not enough. To see well, you also have to grasp what is important in what you have seen, without missing anything, and you should also keep in mind what has just been seen. These are abilities that correspond to two kinds of question:

1.’ What are you looking at?’ or ‘Have you noticed this?’

Questions like these demand the ability to recognize objects, as well as good observation skills.

2.’What did you just see?’ This calls on the visual memory.

In an ever-changing world, someone with excellent eyes but no visual memory would effectively see nothing.

An Eagle Eye

Ophthalmologists explain visual acuity as the ability to distinguish an object placed as far away as possible or to see the smallest possible object. This means that visual acuity is associated to the minimum angle required for the rays of light emitted by an object to reach the retina at the back of the eye.

Good eyesight


Ophthalmologists calculate the angle using standardized charts that have letters figures of different sizes. The result is expressed as a score between 1 and 20, with 20 representing normal eyesight; it is even possible to have a visual acuity score above 20.

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Treat acne while enjoying Mojito



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Growing up isn’t easy. Teenage is a beautiful period of growing up, where everyone is discovering themselves in one way or the other. While choosing our career at this time remains the most concerned area, another aspect that steals our attention is our body. Since this is the age for all the hormonal turmoil, our body experiences many changes. One of the outcomes of these variations is Acne, which is the most feared side effects of teenage. Each one wishes for a soft, clear and glowing skin that looks supple and enhances thy beauty. Well rather than just running to the doctors for acne creams, gels, lotions and other medicinal treatments, you can easily sip them away from your own comfort.
We all are ready to swim in Mojito oceans because we love it so much especially during the summers. Don’t we? So here are a few trendy Mojito recipes that one can try at home and refresh themselves while this magical drink works on problematic areas.

1. Lemon and Mint Mojito:

Lemon and Mint Mojito

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This is the basic version of Mojito. The lemon is known for their richness in Vitamin C while mint has anti-inflammatory properties. Add a pinch of pepper to it add flavor and goodness of its healing properties. It not only refreshes but also keeps you hydrated.

2. Watermelon Flavoured Mojito:

Watermelon Flavoured Mojito

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This summer fruit is full of water and sweetness. Along with adding a great taste, it provides nitric oxide to the body which is essential for healing pimples. It decreases skin inflammation.

3. Sexy Strawberry Mojito:

Sexy Strawberry Mojito

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This fruit is readily available in your local market and is super rich in antioxidants. Apart from that, it has Vitamin C which helps in skin lightening and imparting a glow to the skin. Antioxidants can prevent skin pores from blocking which results in reducing the opportunities for new pimples.

4. Pomegranate Mojito:

 Pomegranate Mojito

Well, it is the toughest fruit to consume because of its layering (at least for a lazy person like Me) but did you know it has the highest amount of antioxidants? In fact, anthocyanin is a rich antioxidant found in Pomegranate which is responsible for its strong flavor and prevents clogged pores.

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5. Spinach Mojito:

Sounds weird ???

Spinach Mojito

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We know that only Popeye can eat spinach in any form but you can have it too when you know it will just vanish your acne and its scars. The trick is to turn spinach into a refreshing mojito. This green leafs are rich in chlorophyll which make it a good Vitamin A supplier. You can blanch the spinach and add some ginger and lemon to your mojito to conceal the taste of spinach.

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