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Inspiring Women that Becomes Entrepreneurs



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Entrepreneurs Women

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.- Michele Ruiz

‘Ladies in business’ doesn’t sounds colorful? For me, yes. Being a girl of working women I have constantly wanted to remain without anyone else. Ladies who believe that a solid fire and prepared to break every single tie which attempts to compel them, have constantly enlivened me. Nothing matters neither your age nor your assignment when the blossom of your energy is prepared to sprout.

We have grown up with this attitude that housewives, better to state homemakers wind up their life inside the 4 dividers of the house. They need energy, eagerness and live there entire life on a solitary repetitive schedule. In any case, folks, these effective housewives turned business visionaries are prepared to flush away such attitude. These ladies are new face ladies potential and energy.

Simply parchment and you’ll understand how solid their effect is.

Some Examples of those ladies are as below:
  1. Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly: V-Guard Industries LimitedSheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly

    The founder and chairman of V-Guard Industries Limited

  2. Sairee Chahal:

    Co-founder of Fleximoms and Founder of

  3. Prachi S Vaish: Hope

    Founder of the first Online Psychology Portal –

  4. Meena Ganesh: Portea Medical

    Meena Ganesh

    Meena Ganesh is the CEO and MD of Portea Medical, India’s largest home healthcare company

  5. Rekha Kakkar: My Tasty Curry

    Rekha Kakkar

    Owner of My Tasty Curry


Whatsapp launches its business app



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People from all over the world use WhatsApp to connect with businesses they care about. WhatsApp Business is an Android app which is free to download and was developed with the small business owner in mind. With the app, companies can connect with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly react to messages.

The new app will make it easier for small businesses to connect with clients, and more convenient for 1.3 billion users to chat with businesses that matter to them. The business app adds key features like dedicated business profiles for information like email address, company information, store addresses, and website; smart texting tools like greetings, quick responses, and away messages; and metrics for how many messages were sent, delivered, and read.

For those who use a business number and a personal one, both the WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger apps can be used on the same device and authorized with your different numbers. WhatsApp Business is also compatible with WhatsApp Web.

Business records will be clearly detailed as such. WhatsApp says over time, businesses that have verified their account contact number matches their business one will acquire a confirmation badge on their profile. That’s similar to WhatsApp including green verification badges to select business records last year in the standard app. WhatsApp says other users can continue to use the common app as usual and will still have full control over the messages they receive like blocking numbers and reporting junk.

The business app is available today for free and can be downloaded on Google Play in Mexico, the U.K., Indonesia, Italy and the U.S and is rolling out around the world in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning!


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Consumer Electric Show 2018



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CES is known as global stage for alterations in technologies. Undoubtedly, it is the best platform
available for the business of consumer technologies which is serving its results from past 50 years. The
stage is owned and produced by consumer technology Association. CES is one place where pioneer
thinkers or entrepreneurs meer market leaders for fundings and other aids.
CES 2018 is the latest edition which happened from 9-12th january at Las Vegas Convention Centre,
United States. Despite the huge rainfall, there was no decrement in enthusiasm of innovators and
audience which resulted in some gems of innovative products. The top leading companies and other
various new entrepreneurs displayed their products which will be available in the year 2018. Here is the
list of 4 cool gadgets displayed at CES 2018 which were marked best by Nerd Wallet:

1 . Who’s at door:
Security is one of the major concerns in modern era as thieves easily breakout in houses by providing
false identities. The Blink Video Doorbell is the innovative solution towards this problem. The doorbell is
powered by batteries and allows us to record and speak with the people at our door. The whole system
including installation is priced at $129 while the release date is yet to be confirmed.

2. Click, Whir
The ONESTEP 2 device; priced at $99; allows people to click pictures in retro Polaroids. This enables us to
capture pictures as well as videos in different modes using a variety of films and effects.

3. Cheaper than a Face Lift
The HIMIRROR MINI being powered by Amazon Alexa is one of the necessary gadgets for someone in
modeling industry. It analyses our face and gives a score based on dark circles, wrinkles and pores. It
also lets the user see the improvements by comparing the previous results. The HiMirror mini will be
available for $249 starting these summers.

4. A Watch for every Sport:
We have seen a lot of devices which count calories burnt based on our step count but CASIO PRO TREK
The smart outdoor watch is solution for every sport to count various aspects. The gadget is made for every
sport such as kayaking, cycling, hiking and also fishing. It lets the user record data such as favorite fishing
place and the numbers of fish caught. The watch is readily available in market for $500.

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Know 5 Richest Entrepreneurs in asia till 2018



5 Richest Entrepreneurs
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Financial Powerhouse Asia

Asia the largest continent by size and population, boasts as a Financial Powerhouse. 60% of the world’s population resides in Asia. 5 Richest Entrepreneurs in Asia are Li-Ka Shing, Wang Jianlin, Jack Ma, Ma Hueteng CEO, Mukesh Ambani.

It’s home to the Second, Third and Ninth-Largest Economies in China, Japan, and India, respectively.

The continent is also the host of the 10 wealthiest people in Asia with the combined wealth of $205

With a net fortune of $39.2 billion, Wang Jianlin is the richest in Asia.

5 Richest Entrepreneurs

Via: Wikipedia

At second position stands Alibaba Founder Jack Ma at $38.5 billion, Mukesh Ambani rounds up with a net worth of $37.8 Billion.

5 Richest Entrepreneurs


Ma Hueteng CEO of Chinese internet company Tencent is the fourth richest in net worth of $37 billion

5 Richest Entrepreneurs

Via: iscmp

Li-Ka Shing is on the fifth rank with an estimated wealth of $36.3 billion.

5 Richest Entrepreneurs

Via: singaporebusinessmedia

This data is provided by Wealth X, a company that research on the super wealthy, it maintains data of 110000 high net worth people. Read more about the richest people on the continent ranging from ranging from tech tycoons to Real Estate Moguls.

These are 5 Richest Entrepreneurs of Asia

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